(12+ Tips) How to Choose a Name for Character With Examples

It is interesting yet challenging to select the right name that will fit your character.

No matter what type of novel or book you want to write, but selecting the right character name is really important that will build a connection with the reader.

Definitely, you will remember your favorite names from the novels that you have read as from the name to the story everything in your mind with the interesting character.

So if you want to select a memorable name for your character that will increase the curiosity of the readers and make your novel unforgettable then you should select an Amazing name.

If you are in trouble selecting the right name, then here in this post you can find all the Ideas which will remove your stress and help to increase the followers of your writings.

In all the simple steps you can find different ideas that will help to set a great character name with satisfaction that will connect and build intensity while reading.

Try out the complete post where we have shared the guide to selecting the right name along with examples of great character names, where you can take inspiration for your character and make your story more interesting.

Tips Choose a Name for Character

Importance of Choosing the Character Name for Story, Movie, Games and Others

Nowadays the growth in different types of Writers, game developers, novelists, movies other entertainment sources out there and it needs to select the best character names that have a valid meaning according to your story.

If you write on a serious topic then your name selected only for the character will be different whereas the comedic story and the same works with games or movie characters for you need to use your name accordingly which will connect with the potential audience.

The name selection criteria must be according to the religion, location, and nationality that will have some beautiful meaning if you write the story majorly focusing on the USA Then The name Should be American so that more people can connect with that.

By connecting the audience with your character according to their behavior and name you can increase the potential growth of your story, product, or anything you want to launch so the name selection process must be done with good research.

Below you can find some of the amazing benefits of the name selection process that will help you to choose the right name according to your need in the next phase.

Make it more relatable

While selecting a name for the character you must be focus on the name having a valid meaning and making sense according to the context of your story writing this will make a great impact.

Before going for any name always keep in mind about your story and then do your research for it.

Make it unique

Sometimes selecting random names will feel copied so you need to be some time unique along with simpleness that will fit according to your character.

In this process, you can also avoid all the popular names in your category That Will Also help to Make Your story different.

Go with the personality of the character which will reduce the difficulty of the name selection process so You can brainstorm and use different types of books and dictionaries a unique name for your character that will become reader friendly.

Connect with the customers

Sometimes you will worry about finding the perfect name but you always need to understand there is nothing perfect in this world and when it comes to selecting the name for a character then you have all the freedom of the name selection process.

Rather than selecting a perfect name go with the name that will connect with the audience with a simple meaning where you can use different core names like Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Spanish or Any Other name that has deep meaning inside it.

Make It sense to explore

While selecting a good character name you have to always remember that you need to select only one word, so no matter what you choose That must be one word and as like I previously discussed Selecting core names will help to describe in amazing meaning behind the name.

Selecting a single word for a character name sometimes Makes no sense but after gaining some Popularity you can describe the true meaning behind the name, but it will be a great idea if you select the character name that is appropriate and has a Great Meaning according to your story, game or novel.

If you successfully select and good name then people initially connect with the name then get curious about your story then They try to explore behind the story and your other creations.

How to select a unique character name in 2024

On The Above, you can find all the benefits of selecting a good name for the character you can get multiple benefits only with the name selection.

So if you have decided to start or already working on a Good Story, novel, game, TV show, or anything then you need to select a good name that has a context behind it.

So below are some of the amazing tips that will help you to select the right name according to your character and story so that you can gain popularity where people can also explore your other Creations.

Make It Short (One Word)

As I previously instructed while selecting any character name, you just need to select only one word so you need to choose very carefully.

A one word, that has a valid meaning and also connects with the audience. Here You can Use different strategies like using Location, region, symbolism, nationality, and heritage.

On the other hand, you can also use some of the ancient language words Like Greek, Sanskrit, Roman, or Any Other Where they have deep meaning inside it.

Be Realistic (Choose according to the age)

To portray your character in a better way you need to first understand it like it’s behavior, age, nature, gender, historical background, and other qualities also then Go for the name.

By putting all the steps in your mind you can find out all the best names according to your character along with the story that will make it more realistic which will increase the flow of reading and increase engagement.

Use Random Name Generator Tool

After reading all the steps if you feel all the above steps are difficult for you then you can also use several name generator tools on the Internet which are capable of creating the best names for You.

firstly go to some of the best random names generator tools and put the command according to your need and then you can able to get several name ideas according to your demand where You can List Down the best names for the Name Selection Process.

Name according to the location

It is always recommended that if you want to connect with the potential audience then selecting the right name is always necessary and when it comes to selecting them according to the Then You Must name according to the location Like view if you’re right for India then It Must be Indian, for USA then American or want to cater the Global audience then you need to along with the story.

If the story is best on ancient drama then you should select like That and If You writing a thriller story then also then I am should be the same as that according to the behavior and personality of the character.

Easy to pronounce and remember

No matter what type of name you select for your character, The Name Must be Small and Simple and Have a deep meaning inside it along with it, must be easy to Remember I can easily pronounce it.

Like the business Here also you can take the benefits of word of mouth marketing where everyone can we relate with the character when it comes to their behavior, personality or name.

As It is Not a Business so Here you get all the freedom of selecting any name according to your need and you do not have to face any type of issues, so you can get the flexibility of choosing the right name according to your character’s behavior or attitude.

How to Choose a character name ?

Selecting a good character name is a really crucial part where you need to focus on the character’s behavior, personality, location, and the story and you can also random names generator tool to find out the best names.

Can characters have no names?

Yes, sometimes you can put no name in your character if you are writing for something special thriller story or something similar to that.

How do you make your own character name?

By using different steps you will be able to find amazing names for your own character why you can decide a name according to your story or Nobel and use the above steps to find the best name.


If you are looking for the best character name then you are the one who can find the best name for your character as you not only know the character in a better way along with you can also understand the story you want to portray.

So you are the one who can find the best name according to your character’s attitude, personality, and behavior, and by using all the above steps you can select a good name for your character If You still face any type of doubts then comment down below we are always there to help you.

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